8 ways Employers can trick you into lower pay

7-Dead career:

The trick:

Your boss or employee will always tell you that there are promotions that will open up if you work hard. They will promise you lucrative positions as well as wage increases as well.

The problem is that due to favoritism, only certain individuals will back those opportunities.

What should you do?:

In that case, a normal employee will, of course work hard. The employee will expect that their hard work will undoubtedly be rewarded over a while. They will experience career growth due to their hard work.

If only the favorites get promoted, there is no point in staying in that organization. However, there is a way in which you can avoid falling for this trick.

You have to always inquire about the truth from your colleagues. When you know right at the start of your corporate journey and that company whether you will get the well-deserved promotion or not, you can easily plan your career accordingly.

It means that if you’re in a dead-end career, you can certainly think about switching jobs rather than watching others get promoted inspite of you working hard.

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