8 ways Employers can trick you into lower pay

3-Unnecessary fines trick:

The trick:

Many times, when you’re in a higher position, your salary might still match your previous position. That is because when you go through the salary slip, you will notice many fines as well as penalties. These are typically levied to ensure that the salary which you get is the same as your previous position.

The penalties or the fines will be over trivial things like breaks, late by a couple of minutes, etc.

It is a money-saving trick used by your company.

What should you do?

You need to understand that in most states, such fines are illegal. That is why; you have to ask your employer to reinstate your original wage.

While this might require a bit of courage but once you are aware of the law, it will become easier for you to demand your additional salary. Moreover, from the next month, you have to always keep evidence that you are not overstepping in terms of breaks or getting late for job.

Once you do so, your employer will fall in line, and you will always get your promised salary rather than having to deal with fines as well as other penalties.

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