8 ways Employers can trick you into lower pay

2-Overtime trick:

The trick:

During the interview and before you take up the offer, you will, of course, be promised an 8-hour workday. The problem arises when you end up working for 10 to 12 hours every day. While once in a while, working extra is not an issue. However, when you work extra regularly, you will be paid overtime.

Many employers do not pay you that. It means that you are working extra for free.

What should you do?:

It is always advisable to talk with the former employees and the company’s current employees before taking up the offer. In case you have taken up the offer, you have to speak with them to know about the actual working hours. Once you are aware of them, you can decide whether you should continue with the same company or think about switching over to another company.

Under no circumstances should you spend more time in the company without pay.

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