8 ways Employers can trick you into lower pay

1-Large bonus which doesn’t come trick:

The trick:

In most cases, employees take up a job because they are promised a higher salary. However, when you look at the salary breakdown, you will realize that the fixed salary portion is pretty small. The rest of the salary is in the form of a large bonus.

Bonus is up to the employer. The employer can offer you a bonus or not. In most cases, the employer will shy away from offering the same large bonus.

Essentially, you end up getting a much lower salary despite making the promise of getting a higher salary.

What should you do?:

You should always confirm from the company the salary breakdown. Only when you have it in writing will you know what will be the fixed salary and variable. Once you are aware of these tricks, it will become easier for you to avoid them. You have to keep in mind that most employers are just interested in expanding the bottom line, even if it means paying employees less.

Due to the same, you should always take a few precautions, which include:

• Make sure you read every document or paper which you sign.

• You have to get a written record of everything which your company is claiming or offering.

• You should always speak with former employees before taking up the job.

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