Causes and effects of slow metabolism

The body metabolism occurs when the stored food is converted to energy.Metabolism also involves sum of all activities that take place in the body.Our bodies activity is dependent on metabolic activities in the body.Research shows that as age advances there is slow metabolism.This is the reason why young people have very high metabolism because they require a lot of energy for growth.on the other hand old people have slow metabolism since their cells have already differentiated and their body have fewer activities and do not require a lot of energy. Other than increase in age there are other factors that cause slow metabolism.In this article i am going to look at the causes of slow metabolism and the effects of slow metabolism to the body.Some of the other factors that cause slow metabolism include:

Diet with less calories causes slow metabolism whereby the burning of these calories decreases because the body thinks its starvation time.On the other hand high calories diet for a very long time causes slow metabolism because excess insulin s released in excess in the blood.The excess insulin causes slow metabolism in the body since it instructs the body to store unused.

Many processes in the body require water as a medium for proper functioning.
A diet with less fluid tends to cause slow down the activities in the body which then leads to slow metabolism

Lack of proper exercise in the body causes fat to build up in the body leading to slow metabolism.Exercise that is less frequent and done for very short periods causes slow metabolism.

During times of stress the systems in the body are less efficient.This is because stress causes a rise in cortisol levels.The high cortisol level cause overeating especially junk foods.The overeating is then accompanied by residual weight gain. Increased weight which causes slow metabolism.stress also causes the body to use alot of energy which makes the oxidation of the food substances to maintain high levels of energy consumption which causes slow metabolism.

Fats in the diet are very important however a diet with a lot of saturated fats such a butter,margarine causes slow metabolism.saturated fats are those that the body can synthesize and need not be included in the diet. Research shows that a diet with alot of fats causes weight gain which in retun causes slow metabolism.For a normal metabolism our diet should comprise of less saturated fats and more unsaturated fats so that the body functions normally.

Normally our bodies require enough sleep for about 8 hours so as to allow tissue reconstruction and build up.Enough rest makes the body remain healthy and function properly.Enough rest also gives the cells of the body some break and prevent their overworking.However inadequate sleep increases Cortisol levels which can cause muscle breakdown.The broken muscles are inactive and yield less energy hence slow metabolism.Lack of sleep impairs the carbohydrate metabolism which causes an increase in blood sugar levels.The high blood sugar levels causes an increases hormone insulin which then instructs the body to store unused energy as fat.Excess fats then cause increase in weight which at the end causes slow metabolism.

some types of medication such as antidepressants,steroids and hormone therapy cause slow metabolism.

The thyroid gland releases hormone Thyroxine which increase metabolism.when the thyroid gland is under-active less thyroxine hormone is released where a condition called Hypothyroidism results. Hypothyroidism cause slow metabolism.

Proteins are the building blocks in the body and they repair body tissues.A diet with less proteins causes reduction of muscle activities which then causes slow metabolism.However excess of proteins causes excess weight leading to slow metabolism.this is the reason why people who are obese ae overweight and experience slow metabolism.

Having looked at the causes of the slow metabolism i now look at the side effects of slow metabolism.Slow metabolism can have both the positive and negative effects on the body.The following are the negative effects of slow metabolism to the body:
Slow metabolism causes the liver to lower its activities of regulating cholesterol level.These reduced liver activities causes the build up of cholesterol levels in the body.If the high cholesterol levels happens in the blood vessels such as the artery may lead to hardening of arteries resulting to conditions such as arteriosclerosis.arteriosclerosis is not checked early enough can lead to death.

low metabolism causes poor digestion of sugars in the body.This causes an increase in the sugar level.Excess glucose or high blood sugar level is also caused by lack of proper exercises as a result of slow metabolism.

Slow metabolism causes sweating without exercise as the body cells try to maintain the low metabolism levels.This is a danger in the body because it predisposes the body to excessive water loss and hence dehydration.This may deprive cells of metabolic water which would affect body functioning.

Accumulation of fats due to low metabolism causes an increase in blood pressure in the blood vessel.This is because of deposition of fats in the blood vessels which may cause uneven diameter of blood vessels hence high blood pressure.High blood pressure can be deadly if not managed.

Having looked at dangers of slow metabolism lets now turn to the benefits of slow metabolism.
Slow metabolism is beneficial to the body in the following ways:
Slow metabolism reduces the activities of the body.The body then struggles to maintain all its activities at lower level.This is an advantage to the body because it makes use of less amounts of energy to maintain its slow metabolism.This makes the body to save on the energy and reserve it for use in the other activities.

Research show that slow metabolism as a result of calorie restriction protects one from diseses such as diabetes,diseses of the heart and other diseses assocated with blood vessels.On the other hand weight watchers follow a low calorie diet.In this process the body is able to maintain and adjust to low calorie diet.this leads to weight loss.when there is slow metabolism in the body there is subsequent weight loss.This is the strategy that those people who want to lose weight make use of.

In conclusion slow metabolism in the body has its advantage and disadvantage. my wish is that our lifestyles should be aimed and maintaining our body metabolism at normal levels.

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