Fat Burning Foods

Your Best Pals Are Here

People work hard to earn money, eat food, and then again work hard to burn the accumulated fat and pay for the medical bills for various diseases. It is a vicious cycle and if you find yourself in it, then it is about time to break free from it by opting for fat burning foods aka your best pals for the lifetime.

What are fat burning foods?

Fat burning foods improve metabolism while providing the essential nutrients to the body. This hike in metabolism can burn the stubborn fat, thereby decreasing the body weight and improving the individual’s health.

Another benefit of these foods is, since they do not exert any extra pressure on the digestive system and actually aid the digestion process, you will feel light and active throughout the day. If you are experiencing lethargy at any point in time, then fat burning foods can actually do a lot good for you.

Basic categories of fat burning foods

There are some basic categories of fat burning foods you should know about, because it can help you in picking the right foods for your diet.

Dairy products

Yes! Dairy products of low fat can actually improve the digestion and aid in burning the fat. Sounds confusing, right? However, the fact is these foods are packed with good fat components, which are great for health. Also, they can boost your metabolism remarkably. Cheese, yogurt and low fat milk are the best dairy products.


Grains are renowned for their capability in decreasing the belly fat. However, they can also show significant effect on the entire body fat. They are adept in decreasing the excess internal fat, which surrounds various important organs of the body, like the heart, digestive system, etc. This fat fuels Metabolic Syndrome, which poses significant heart attack and stroke risks. By consuming grains, like barley, pasta, oatmeal and brown rice, the dangerous internal fat is reduced considerably.

High protein foods

Foods which are high in protein, like pulses, cereals, lean meat, fish and nuts, provide incredible energy and digest any bad fat in the body. They should be consumed daily for optimum results.

Fresh vegetables and fruits

Fresh fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of fiber, various minerals and antioxidants. They can fuel up the body, and also aid the digestive system in burning down the bad fats.

How do fat burning foods work?

Fat burning foods work by increasing the thermogenic process of the body. While the digestion process speeds up due to the body movements and exercises, the body’s natural ability to digest the food plays a major role in burning the fat and essential nutrient absorption.

Thermogenic process fuels up this digestion process by increasing the metabolism rate. The foods which are highly thermic can actually breakdown the complex nutrients in the consumed foods, and also the accumulated fat in various parts of the body.

The fat burning foods are usually low in glucose levels, which further helps in the fat removal. Your body relies on glucose for extracting the required energy for various important processes to carry out. This energy is very useful for the sustenance, but when it is extracted from the glucose, the fats consumed are stored in different body parts.

Over the time, this stored fat turns stubborn and it becomes very hard to remove it. By taking the fat burning foods, you actually get with the minimum required glucose, and the body turns towards fat for gaining energy. This ensures that the complex fat molecules are broken down gradually, thereby promoting fat loss.

However, the effectiveness of fat burning foods also depends on various other factors.


Your age is crucial, as the body metabolism differs for various age groups. People till their mid fifties usually have healthy digestive systems, which support the fat burning foods, by handling the increased metabolic rates. However, after that age, digestion weakens gradually and it cannot support the increased metabolism, thereby decreasing the effect of these foods.

Effect of hormones

Hormones dictate the entire functioning of the human body, and digestion is no exception. They are vital in releasing the necessary enzymes required for the digestion, and burn the stubborn fat in the body. People with optimum hormone balance do respond well to the fat burning foods, while the ones with hormonal imbalance may not experience much benefit as the healthy ones do.


Gender too plays an important role in supporting the fat utilizing foods. Men have higher-capability digestion systems, which can handle the fat burning process while women do lack somewhat in this regard.

How and when to take the fat burning foods?

A lot of the benefits depend on the composition of the foods, the meal size and frequency of intake. As a rule of thumb, integrating all kinds of fat burning foods is crucial for achieving the optimum fat utilization. Also, the meal size should be small, while the intake should be frequent (around 6 times) throughout the day.

To be precise, you can even schedule the food intake according to the complexity of various compositions. For example, dairy products, even of low fat are usually hard to digest and hence, they should be taken during the full meal in the afternoon. At this time, the digestion enzymes are highly active, and they can digest and utilize the energy of these products effectively.


You can have the breakfast at 8 to 9 AM, and you can take protein rich food, like eggs, low fat milk and cereals.

Post breakfast

You can munch on a small amount of sprouts, grains and fruits at 11 AM.


For lunch, your meal can be a plateful. However, remember that this should be the largest meal of the entire day, and you should not consume more than that at any point in time. You can consume some complex compositional fat burning foods at this time. Lean meat, fish, beans and legumes, all grains and low fat dairy products are appropriate for lunch. Have your lunch in between 12 PM to 2 PM, when the digestive enzymes are highly active.

Post lunch or snacks

You can have post lunch meal at 4 PM. Fruits and vegetable salads, and nuts are good to intake.


Fish and green vegetables are best for dinner. Remember to have it before 8 PM every day so you give your body enough time for metabolism.

Post dinner

Drink a glass of low-fat milk while going to bed at 10 PM. It can improve your digestion.

Fat burning foods are of incredible use for you in regulating the body fat and improving the health. Follow a daily plan in taking these most effective foods and you should observe desirable results in few months.

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