Low Carb Bagels And Low Carb Diets, The Game Changer

The obesity statistics in the United States would shock you. According to U.S dept. of Human Health and Services, one in three Americans is considered to be extremely obese and at risk of diabetes and other associated health hazards. While you may find it hard to digest the fact that you run the risk of becoming obese but as long as you have a BMI higher than 24, then you are considered to be chubby. This may be the right time for you to switch to a healthy diet, such as low carb bagels, High fat-dairy products, legumes and even the right amount of meat and fish.

Low carb diets, the process:

Low carb diets are just what you and anyone else looking to lose those pounds would need. And whether you are planning on sticking to a vegan diet or any other variant with low carb bagels or roasted pumpkin seeds, this diet would usually consist of you limiting your carbohydrates intake. Your body requires a certain amount of carbohydrates to be consumed on a daily basis in order to function effectively. The carbs you consume are instantly converted to Glucose by your body, stimulating your body into releasing Insulin into your blood stream.

The problem is that we often overdo the “bare minimum’, with the end result that we keep piling on carbohydrates by the pound. No wonder weight loss clubs are popping up all over the place, but moving back to the process, it is important that you consume the bare minimum of exactly what your body needs. To put it simply; by limiting your carb intake to the bare minimum, you are essentially making sure that your body uses up all the carbs you have stocked up on already while lowering your blood sugar level, eventually leading to a weight loss.

Low carb diets, the menu:

Eating healthy is a must and while any diet may sound awful at the start, it is worth the pain and the pangs if it can help you shed those extra pounds. If you love bagels, you can make the transition from sugary ones to low carb bagels, and similarly opt for Tofu, soy nut butter, walnuts, sunflower or pumpkin seeds and any vegetable oils, including Virgin Olive Oil.

There is no one single low carb menu and for those of you who are vegan, you can go in for the vegan version of a low carb diet plan while others may prefer to stick with meat and vegetables. You need to consult a dietician, work out how much calories your body would need every day in order to function and eat accordingly.

The good news is that there is a lot of variety out there, starting with low carb bagels, low carb mimosas and even a low carb version of the triple chocolate cake. The perfect low carb diet plan would consist of you taking in high fat, nutrient dense, protein rich, and low carb foods; see if you can target complex carbs as they are really good for your body. Consuming complex carbs can help your body regulate its insulin better while it increases your blood lipid profile and limits your exposure to diabetes.

Food tips:

You need to avoid all sugary foods, this is not to say that all sugar is bad for your body but that you need to pay attention and consume only what your body requires, no more, and certainly no less. Just remember that all food items will contain a certain amount of sugar so the next time you purchase a bag of chips or roasted peanuts, you may want to pay attention to the list of ingredients listed on the can.But here’s a recap of the food items you need to avoid when on a low carb diet. You must avoid bagels, not the low carb bagels but the ones that are rich in both sugar and carbs; in fact, a normal bagel can pack in as much as 350 calories per serving with 60g of fat whereas the low carb version should have no more than 35 calories and 2g of fat.

You need to target food items containing complex carbs, such as beans, lentils, and peas along with some legumes. In fact, a breakfast of legumes each day should do the trick to limiting that carb intake while providing your body with the energy it needs.

Health benefits of a low carb diet:

If you are planning on losing that abdominal fat, then you need to go in for a low carb diet plan right away. It has been scientifically proven with over twenty human studies that low carb diets; from low carb bagels to legumes, do work and lead to weight loss. More importantly, limiting your carb intake will result in a drastic reduction of fat molecules, or Triglycerides. This will further limit your risk from heart disease as these molecules are known to impact cardiovascular functions.

One of the advantages of a low carb diet is the emphasis on high fat intake, which actually helps increase High density Lipoprotein in your body. HDL is also known as the good cholesterol and a higher HDL means that your chances of getting heart disease are slim to none.

It’s time to cut down those carbs

This is why it makes perfect sense for you to opt for a low carb diet plan right away. And yes, making that transition from the regular bagels to the low carb bagels is not going to be easy but et’s face it, you’re running the risk of heart disease, dementia, leg and joint pain, back inflammation and other health issues if you keep adding those calories. While it may seem tough at the start, maintaining a journal, and talking about it or blogging about it, should help you deal with your hunger pangs. Remember, a low carb diet plan is vastly different from all the other diet plans – the best part is that a low carb diet plan can actually help you deal with your hunger pangs. Of all the diet plans out there, none are as effective as this one, for it often results in drastic weight loss within the first few months.

Here’s an additional tip, try to eat as many green vegetables and legumes as you can – apart from the complex carbohydrates they contain, they also contain fiber which can make you feel “full” for the whole day and aid with your digestion.

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