Magnesium for Weight Loss: Does It Help?

As we seek to improve our lifestyle, the desire to lose weight is usually at the top of the agenda. And there are plenty of reasons why we should lose weight, and one of them is helping us look and feel better. Losing weight also provides tremendous health benefits, including lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, some forms of cancer, stroke, and heart disease. Healthy weight loss is possible through diet and exercise but there’s nothing wrong if you get a little bit of help through magnesium citrate weight loss supplements.

Quickly shed water weight

Magnesium citrate is a laxative and it will help you quickly lose water weight. The supplement can be bought over the counter and even though it may not help you lose excess fat, it may help to prevent weight gain and bloating associates with premenstrual syndrome. Studies have shown that women who take magnesium supplements will have less bloating and swelling when it’s that time of the month. By reducing fluid retention during the menstrual cycle, magnesium citrate helps alleviate unwanted bloating of the stomach. You can therefore use the supplement if you’re trying to shape your body to fit into that dress.

Improved cellular function

Even though magnesium citrate won’t help you to burn fat, it improves cellular function, particularly enzymes. Now these enzymes are the ones responsible for the breaking down of food in the body. Therefore, if you increase their potency with the help of magnesium citrate weight loss supplements, it can lead to healthier metabolism. If your metabolism is working at its peak, it means that food quickly gets converted into energy, and you can burn more calories with less effort. As a result of quicker metabolism, your body won’t have excess calories that can be converted and stored as fat, making you leaner.

Why people overeat

Like any other vitamin, magnesium is a nutrient that gives the body energy, and it activates the enzymes responsible for digestion and food absorption. If your body doesn’t have the required energy nutrients, it won’t be able to properly utilize the food you eat. This could result in serious symptoms such as hypoglycemia and obesity. Since most people nowadays have a diet that constitutes mainly of processed foods, they often lack essential nutrients in their bodies. This results in overeating because the body starts to crave nutrients that processed foods cannot provide. Therefore, a person continues eating empty calories, which leads to weight gain.

Prevent insulin resistance

The chemical reaction in which insulin directs glucose into the cells needs magnesium. If you don’t have enough magnesium, your glucose and insulin levels become elevated, leading to obesity and diabetes. So if you want to prevent insulin resistance and diabetes, using magnesium supplements is recommended. The magnesium citrate weight loss supplement will also improve exercise performance, which will go a long way in helping you implement a healthy diet and exercise routine.

How magnesium citrate prevents weight gain

A magnesium citrate weight loss supplement works by activating the enzymes that control digestion, absorption, and utilization of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. These energy nutrients are vital in determining how food is used by the body, and if they’re lacking, it may lead to serious health problems such as obesity. Magnesium is also vital in the body because it suppresses obesity genes and keeps them from manifesting themselves. Magnesium also reduces stress, which can lead to the metabolism shutting down and making it impossible to lose weight. When you’re stress, the body goes into defense mode and tires to hoard all resources, which include fat stores. But taking magnesium supplements will neutralize this.

Why you should use magnesium supplements

The body can’t produce magnesium by itself and that’s why magnesium citrate weight loss supplement is recommended. Apart from increasing your metabolism and helping you shed water weight, magnesium citrate will kick start your goal of becoming healthy by helping you to get rid of toxins in your body through increased bowel movement. When you resolve health issues such as toxicity and inflammation, excess weight will simply drop away and you can discover a leaner you. Once you discover how terrific you’ll feel just by eliminating waste from your body, you’ll become motivated to start eating healthy and change your bad eating habits. The end result is being able to maintain healthy eating habits and you’ll soon be able to lose weight and maintain a leaner body. Another reason for taking magnesium supplements is that doctors have found that the majority of people are lacking magnesium in their body. Therefore, adding magnesium supplements in your diet is recommended if you want your body’s cells to work properly.

How magnesium citrate works

Half an hour to six hours after taking magnesium citrate, you are likely to have completely emptied your bowels. During this time, you might feel dehydrated since your body is utilizing its fluids in helping with bowel movement. Magnesium citrate will work by attracting water through the tissues by a process called osmosis. Once in your intestines, it attracts enough water to promote bowel movement. So if you’re trying to shed water weight or if you’re suffering from bloating, magnesium citrate weight loss supplements will help you overcome your symptoms.

How much magnesium to take

So you might be asking yourself how much magnesium citrate to take for healthy loss of weight. The recommended dosage for men is 400mg per day while women are encouraged to take a minimum of 310mg of magnesium. Remember that when you participate in intense exercise, your magnesium levels are depleted. Strenuous exercise makes you sweat and pass urine. This is what makes your magnesium stores to be depleted and that’s why supplementing with magnesium is advisable. When taking magnesium citrate, always read and follow the directions shown on the packaging. In addition, the liquid form of the supplement may not have the best taste but you can improve the taste if you chill it in your refrigerator. And the amount of magnesium citrate you can safely consume depends on several factors. For example, if you have a pre-existing medical condition, your doctor will advice you on the recommended amount. Your age is also a factor and you’re also advised to drink plenty of water soon after taking the supplement.

The bigger picture

Taking magnesium citrate weight loss supplements is well and good but you also need to think of your overall health. A healthy diet coupled with the required amount of minerals and vitamins will lead to better and more sustainable results. You also need to avoid sugary, fatty and greasy foods instead of looking for a quick fix or miracle cure when things get out of hand. Becoming healthy isn’t an event; it’s a process and one that can be attained if you adopt a healthier lifestyle to avoid falling into the obesity trap.

Health benefits of magnesium citrate

The main benefit of magnesium citrate is to treat constipation. If you have trouble with your bowel movement, a magnesium citrate weight loss program is recommended. If you have low levels of magnesium in your blood, magnesium citrate is able to treat the condition. Magnesium also helps to produce energy in the body, stabilize membranes and relax muscles. Combining magnesium with citrate makes a potent mineral that helps in energy production and this is very important for your body cells to keep them functioning properly.

Improved digestion equals healthy weight loss

The magnesium citrate weight loss supplement is also important because it provides a healthy environment for healthy bacteria in the colon. Detoxifying your colon means that your digestive system works well, which leads to weight loss. There’s a direct relationship between slow digestion, slow metabolism and weight gain. As we approach the holiday season, people will tend to overeat and have less physical activities. This means that the cycle can really blow up during winter. But the good news is that increasing your digestive efficiency through diet, exercise and magnesium citrate is an effective way of shedding extra fat, boosting your metabolism and supporting your body’s healthy natural processes.

Nutrient absorption and metabolism

When you have optimal digestive function, it means that food is being broken down properly, and that your body is absorbing enough nutrients while eliminating waste. This is an organized and efficient process but we also require energy to do these tasks but this energy is derived from food. It seems like a catch 22 situation because if we have sluggish digestion, we cannot beak down the food we eat into nutrients to gain more nutrients. A vicious cycle may develop in which our cells, organs and tissues are malnourished. As a result, waste builds up in our system, we retain water, and our bodies convert the excess calories not being digested into fat.

Vicious cycle

This vicious cycle begins with unhealthy eating habits. To begin with, you eat too much processed food that hinders your digestive function because enzymes and other critical factors in strong digestion have been depleted. These unhealthy foods, particularly refined sugar, also cause insulin and glucose to spike. This results in inflammation, which is a major contributor to slow metabolism and weight gain. The bottom line is that a healthy and nutritious diets directly corresponds with healthy body weight and a leaner frame. This isn’t just because of avoiding inflammatory, fat-gaining foods such as sugar, but because eating nutritious foods give the digestive system a platform to function in an efficient manner.

Possible side effects

You need to be aware of possible side effects from magnesium citrate weight loss supplements. The supplement can cause diarrhea, nausea, stomach cramping, sweating, dizziness, and drowsiness. You can also experience low blood pressure or slow heartbeat. In addition, your body can lose a lot of water, including electrolytes. When this imbalance occurs, you might have weakness, seizures or even heart attack. Severe hydration can occur when you don’t have enough water and electrolytes in your body. Your bowel muscles can atrophy by being constantly assisted to do their job. Regular bowel function can be interfered with, which might lead to permanent damage in your colon and intestines. Your gastrointestinal tract may be damage by continued use of magnesium citrate weight loss. You may end up with weak bones as a result of losing fats and vital minerals in your body. This means that you should use the supplement with caution and seek medical advice if you suffer any of the symptoms mentioned above.

Abuse of magnesium citrate

You may not be aware of it but there are people who can become addicted to laxatives and even abuse them to the point of seeking intervention. Abuse occurs when someone tries to lose calories or feel empty by frequently taking laxatives. In addition, some people use laxatives after binge eating. Such a person believes that doing so will flush all that food from their system before the body digests and absorbs the nutrients. However, that is entirely false and laxative abuse is a serious and dangerous situation that requires treatment with assistance of a medical professional. If left untreated, the condition can lead to serious medical complications that can pose life-threatening problems.


Prevention is better than cure and a change in diet may be what you require to maintain peak magnesium levels in your body. For instance, despite is well documented health benefits, dietary fiber might actually hinder the absorption of magnesium in your body. In addition, a high-protein diet can contribute to increased loss of magnesium through passing urine. The fats in high-protein diets also hinder magnesium from being absorbed by the body. You also need to lower your consumption of processed foods and sugar because these foods lead to magnesium imbalance in the body. Therefore as part of your magnesium citrate weight loss program, ensure that you incorporate plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to help maintain healthy magnesium levels in your body. And if taken in the right way, magnesium citrate weight loss supplements can keep your parathyroid glands healthy, boost your metabolism and increase your energy levels. The bottom line is that the supplement provides many benefits but you should avoid overusing it.

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