The Reason For and the Effects of a Gluten- And Casein-Free Diet on Autistic Children

The effects of gluten and casein on autistic children are still being debated and discussed, as with most of the issues surrounding this highly controversial issue, but many tests and individual testimonials have claimed and proven that the substances produced by these proteins can indeed by hazardous to children with autism. Although not all test results were positive, a significant number of these studies conclude that there is at least a connection between gluten and casein and autism. At the very least, elimination of gluten and casein free diet in autistic children can produce a number of positive improvements in their motor, social, and cognitive skills.

An interested study done regarding this subject was conducted by the University of Western Ontario in Canada. In this study, test rats were given substances with gluten and casein; later, the researchers found that the rat’s brains had inflamed processes, a condition similar to the brains of autistic children. This validates the claim that gluten and casein could have adverse effects on the body, especially autistic children with their limited bodily functions.

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